Online multilingual meetings, in your language.


QuaQua offers real-time interpretation for all your online meetings and events. Connect and collaborate with partners and colleagues from all over the world. Create presence. Break language barriers.

With 25+ years of field experience, we take pride in being a reference for multilingual web conferencing.

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How QuaQua boosts your multilingual event

“Adding real-time interpretation to your online meetings has never been this easy, thanks to our QuaQua platform and solutions.

We’ve developed the user and interpreter interfaces in close consultation with experienced interpreters and benefiting from our years of conferencing experience.

This to guarantee an intuitive and effective user-friendliness for both participants and interpreters.”

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No downloads or installations. All you need is an internet browser.

Meet the world without losing time and money on traveling.

Interact in your mother tongue thanks to online interpretation of any language.

Easy online booking with many custom meeting options.

Smooth meeting experience, thanks to high quality video and audio.

QuaQua solutions

Choose your custom QuaQua to benefit from simultaneous interpretation on your online and hybrid events. Connect with partners and colleagues from all over the world.

QuaQua Meet

Book a secure and custom meeting room for your online multilingual meetings.

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QuaQua Connect

Add real-time interpretation to any online meeting platform or event.

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QuaQua Hybrid

Invite both on-site and online participants and interpreters to your multilingual conference.

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How much does QuaQua cost?

Find the perfect solution for your online meeting or event.

QuaQua Partnerships

Join our growing network of QuaQualified interpreters and QuaQua Agents to support multilingual meetings.

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