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Easy to use for all stakeholders.

QuaQua provides a platform where people can meet and interact in their own language. We offer a secure environment and familiar interface for a smooth meeting experience. So every event is organised in the most efficient and user-friendly way for every participant and interpreter.

No software to install

QuaQua is a web based solution. There’s no need to download or install an application.

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  • Participants can log-in via Google Chrome Browser
  • More browsers will be added soon
  • Every meeting has a unique link. Enter the hyperlink in the browser and start your meeting
Easy online booking

Take control of your event. Book, configure and pay your meetings as-you-go on our My QuaQua platform.

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  • User-friendly booking platform
  • Multiple payment options
  • Possibility to edit your booked meetings
  • Organise your meetings, clients and interpreters
Live Chat

A meeting chat allows participants to send messages and links to other attendees.

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  • Participants and interpreters are able to communicate
  • In-meeting support possible via chat
  • Ask questions and give remarks to the speaker or chairperson
Pay less, meet more

You organise frequent multilingual meetings? Ask about our Meeting Pack deals!

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  • Various discount packages
  • Manage your package and bookings in My QuaQua
Connect in any language

Interact in your mother tongue thanks to our automatic floor switching.

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  • Simply choose a language before the meeting starts.
  • QuaQua will automatically switch between speaker and interpretation, based on your choice.
  • Unlimited number of languages
Meeting Management

Meeting organisers take full control over their meeting and events.

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  • Configure your meeting settings in My QuaQua
  • Moderate your meeting with Microphone Management
  • Use multiple meeting roles like chair person, meeting manager or support operator.
Microphone Management

We’ve included some handy features that guarantee a smooth meeting and better interpreting conditions.

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  • A limited number of speakers
  • A speakers queue
  • Moderators can switch microphones on or off
Share content

Support your message with our live screenshare feature

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  • Share your screen
  • Share presentations
  • Share video
  • No need to upload your files
Record your meeting

Request multilingual video/audio recordings of your meeting.

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Contact us for more information.
We care about security

Your data is protected. Sensitive customer information is always private and secure.

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  • Encrypted media and signalling
  • No storage of user data after the meeting
  • No buffering or storage of the meeting.
  • TLS secured communication (Transport Layer Security)
  • DTLS-SRTP encrypted media streams
  • Secure, European servers
Interpreter Chats

Communicate with your colleagues and boothmates

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  • Text to all your colleagues in the Interpreter Chat
  • Keep close contact with your boothmate(s) with the Team Chat
Hear your boothmates

Keep track of your boothmate when you’re not interpreting

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  • Listen to your booth colleague(s) via the TEAM relay
  • Hear your boothmate AND the floor with our DUB function.
Smooth takeover request

Benefit from a simple easy takeover procedure.

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  • Every interpreter can activate a takeover request
  • Pop-up takeover notifications
  • Hear your colleague AND the floor for a perfect timing
  • Instant takeover by activating your microphone
Choose your relays

A lot of languages? Select your personal relays before or during the meeting.

More info
  • Up to 4 relay channels possible
  • Extra TEAM relay to hear your boothmates
  • Edit your relays during the meeting
True-to-life interpreter console

Enjoy the familiar design of a hardware console with extra digital benefits.

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  • Minimal, user-friendly design
  • Up to 4 relays
  • Mute/cough button
  • Use shortcut keys to activate your channels

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Experience how QuaQua can help you to organize better multilingual online meetings and events. We’re looking forward to show you around!


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