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We are building a QuaQua Partner Community


Next to our Agent Network we are aiming to develop a worldwide community of QuaQua Partners. A Partner is an exclusive reseller of QuaQua that receives all benefits and tools to sell and support QuaQua to new and existing customers.

What to expect?

If you grow, we grow. That’s the basic idea behind our Partner Community. Whether you’re a Language Service Provider or a technical company, it’s our goal to boost your business. Once you’re a partner we will refer end users to your company as an all-in-one QuaQua solution for their multilingual online meetings.

Partners are carefully selected and partnerships are based on prior collaboration.

QuaQua Partner

How does it work?

Through our Partner Community we aim to support multilingual meetings of clients worldwide, with the best support possible. That’s why the community consists of Interpreter Partners and Technical Partners.

Interpreter Partners

Promote QuaQua to their clients as their preferred RSI solution. In turn they will receive referrals for meeting requests with interpreters. As QuaQua is a software provider that does not offer interpreter services.

Technical partners

Use QuaQua Solutions for hybrid or streaming events. In turn they will receive referrals for hybrid and other technical meeting requests. As QuaQua is a software provider that does not offer technical services.

Become a QuaQua Agent

Are you a full service provider for your clients? Become a QuaQua reseller to enjoy extra benefits and extra functionalities in My QuaQua.